Group Reformer Classes

These classes are performed on the reformer and progress from Essential level to an Intermediate level. The pace is moderate, yet challenging and will tone muscles, strengthen the core and provide an invigorating total-body workout.

Capacity is (5 to 6) participants. Pre-requisite: Previous Reformer experience, or at least (3) private sessions

Classes are dependent on a (2) person minimum, if less than (2) students register class will be cancelled

The Essentials ~ Group Reformer/Mix

This class is perfect for Beginners or Clients who have certain limitations

  • Helping to address issues such as restricted mobility.
  • The class is a mix of pilates performed on the reformer, matwork and standing work inspired by the STOTT PILATES® principles.
  • Incorporating the use of toning balls, medicine balls, flex bands and other props for added variety and benefit to the workout.
Capacity is (6) participants. Pre-requisite: Must be able to get up & down with little or no assistance.
Level: Beginner/Paced for everyone to Keep Up!

Intermediate Level Group Reformer Classes

This Intermediate level class is the next step for clients who have mastered the Essential level, and are ready to progress to the Intermediate and some Advanced work. Ability to execute the Essential Level reformer workout while maintaining proper form is necessary. The Intermediate workout builds on the Essential workout by further challenging strength and endurance while increasing coordination to challenge the neuromuscular system.

Capacity is (5) participants. Pre-requisite: Previous Reformer experience at Intimate Pilates, and you must have permission to join class. Please email Nicole if you would like to be considered for a spot.

Pregnancy Guidelines for Group Reformer

We strongly encourage practicing Pilates during pregnancy & believe it to very beneficial during all stages of pregnancy. However, there are some associated risks/conditions that may occur. Keeping you & baby safe is most important!

If you are client who regularly attends group classes, you can continue to take classes thru your 1st trimester only. Once you enter your 2nd trimester (week 13), you will have to either transition to private sessions or take time off until min 6 weeks postpartum.

*Private Sessions are always best to practice safe prenatal guidelines (we offer 60 min & 30 min sessions)

Proof of the following must be presented & adhered to (for both classes & privates):

  • Approval from you medical practitioner
  • Cannot lay down on back (supine) once you enter week 16 of your 2nd trimester
  • Sign a waiver acknowledging that you are aware of the conditions that may occur with pregnancy & exercise (Diastasis Recti, Supine Hyotensive Syndrome, Symphysis Pubis Diastasis or Dysfunction)
  • Approval from doctor to resume post-partum (our policy is 6 weeks min)

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